Monday, September 28, 2009

Dza Nyonmo!

His arched back aches from the scorches,
And sweat burns his eyes.
His hands are sore and full of blisters
Bloodshot eyes ready to take on the world

I say to him arise!
Be seen,
Be known.

For the whip may hurt your back,
But it can never sting your soul,
Your spirit
Your identity.

Yes, hope comes from all over,
for Ataa Kpakpa has granted many unto us,
And it comes in all forms.
Ever towering giant ant-hills
Ever-green foliage and bushes,
The sweet scents of the lavender tree,
And the eerie whistling through the leaves.

I say arise!
Be heard,
Be seen,
Be known.

The kpanlogo drums echo it with rhythm,
The flute players blow it with passion
Xylophone players beat it out raging
And the fontomfrom speaks for itself


For the days of slavery are over!
Physically, mentally, spiritually.
Take hold, take charge!
The reins are in your hands now.
Arise, my crawling black brother.
Arise and stand tall.
Wipe your brow with the back of your palm,
it's time to take action now.
Take a stride, o long gaited brother
And move towards possession
For God has placed all within reach,
All you have have to do is move.

T'is but mere laziness
For akpanga to postpone his building
Drinking brukutu and crying agyei m'awu
When the rains come pouring on his profound baldness.
Stand, o my strong black brother,
Let no one take your place.
As the sun rises,
And the sun sets,
The horizon is it's place.
The days of slavery are over.
They know it, we are free
And this time Kwasi Broni can not heal our fever,
And they are scared indeed!

Be heard!
Be seen!
Stand up!
Hold up!
Speak up!
Take charge.
For no one can stand in your way.
No one, absolutely none.
Dza Nyonmo!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where is our industry heading to?

I watched the trailer of an upcoming movie this afternoon, and man! I don't know what to say. I mean, the whole trailer had about 50 per cent of it being sex scenes, not ordinary sex scenes, steamy ones. Hmm, I wonder if original story lines are finished, or whether our movie stars think acting in such manner makes them better actors. Money? Yes. Fame? Yes. But reputation also counts. Does this prove my earlier post about people using sex as unique selling points? It has not been premiered yet, so I'll wait to see whether it really has a story line, or it's just sex, sex ,sex. Does acting nude scenes make you a better actor? Hmmm. if you want to see it for yourself, visit and watch the HEART OF MEN movie trailer. Then you can comment, am I just making noise? Or I have a point?

Here and There...

Sex Sells?

I may be going on and on about indecent sex of late, I don't know why myself, but it's possible it could be the voice in the wilderness shouting.
It's amazing how many organizations now use sex to sell their products, or add sexually attractive elements to their advertisement packages.
Have you observed that almost everything now has a so called sex appeal? Check the adverts. from clothing to cars. Even perfumes! i don't know why. Is it because as they say sex sells? Or something else. I'm listening to you guys.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here and There...

Sawasawasawale, Sawasawasawale, pam pam pam!

My mom, will kill me for even attempting to hum this song, she hates it, passionately.
It's recently that I've even found the song interesting, I don't like the lyrics though. I love the rhythm. Anyway, I didn't start this post to write about a song people love to hate. No, it's to speak about the rising number of hot-spots, in Accra. Don't know what a hot-spot is? Keep reading.
Some time ago, the ever popular soldier bar, known to be a notorious red light district was broken down, to the happiness of some people, and the displeasure of others. I was quite happy, thinking it meant the beginning of the end of such indescribable activities on our streets, at least, it will be reduced by a huge margin, or so I thought.


They have relocated, they are now everywhere! Around the park by OBRA spot, in front of Vienna city, and all around that place. And their new location, LAPAZ. yes, Lapaz. I don't know if you are shocked, but I am. I had already heard they had taken their activities there, but I didn't believe it could get there. So I decided to check it out myself.(you know my kokonsa self).
It was around 9pm when I got there, and I stood by a pub around that place, just looking around to see what I could find. It was serious, the place is slowly turning into a red light district. After standing for sometime, I could tell which one of them was and which one of them was not. Hope you get the picture?
I walked to a spot where I could get a vehicle home, and an aged woman asked me to stop, politely. Unsuspectingly, I did stop. She came close and said "y3nko line 3?" (tr: let's go for a line). I smiled mildly and politely refused. continuing my search for a vehicle, I spotted quite a number of them loitering around, some old enough to be my aunt, no kidding. I kept wondering what drives them to do something like this.

My dad taught me never to judge, the bible teaches so too. Because you never know the motive, which GOD judges. So let me throw this to my readers, let's explore the reasons why people sell their bodies for sex. Is it greed, poverty, agbala, sakawa, I don't know. What do you think?

Tswa, Omanye aba!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tales from Troskiville

I haven't blogged in a while, I know that. I'm soory. But i'm still around, and erm... never mind! Anyways, I'm still blogging, that's the most important part!
I'm trying to start a new story blogging series I call tales from troskiville. y'all know what a troski, or trotro is right? Well for those of you who don't know, a troski, or trotro is the name given to the public transport buses in Ghana. Simple!
I'd be doing some stories under Tales from Troskiville, but with different subtitles. There's a whole lot that goes on in a troski, and I think it will be fun to share them. Let's start with this one. some of you may havce heard it before...

Kwesi was sitting a face to face seater troski on his way somewhere. There was this man cracking dirty jokes in the troski, and everyone was laughing, everyone except Kwesi. he wasn't laughing because he felt angered by the man's open display of filth, and the market women's open admiration of such filth, cos they were laughing. he kept going on going till he did the unthinkable, he turned to Kwesi after sharing one of the jokes and asked" or my brother, what do you think?"
Kwesi, lookd at him and just said "STUPID"
just once, and there was silence!
More troski tales coming up.

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