Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Many people wonder, and in their minds they ponder,
Why the bitter battle has not sent me into a predicted scuttle.
They toss and they turn,
Yet they do not comprehend.
Why I still remain firm like a militarized intern.

It’s because,
I am the wind in the sail,
Of the ship of life’s oceanic bane,
I am the courage inside, the feeling, the zest
To drive away life’s fears accursed.
I am the boldness of life that pushes you on,
And gives you enough reason to wipe out that frown.
I am the life, the light, the zing
That startles your hopes with a ping!

I am the money, the currency, the dough,
In the midst of any current poverty flow.
I am the man who says yes!
And stands out cos indeed, I am blessed!

So when life’s boring dirge
Distorts like a mistuned hymn,
I pray for you an urge
To awaken the Christ within.

I am because you are,
I am because He is!
The I am that I am has told me this.
I am a line crosser!
I am a barrier breaker!
I am anything He said I would be,
Indeed, I am!

Tswa, Omanye Aba!