Friday, May 29, 2009

The Hardest Thing

Hey guys, it's been quite some time since I wrote anything. Well here is me. Once again I'm gonna do this straight of my brains. And let's see how it goes.

(deep breath) here we go...

Hey you,
This is what I'm begging you to do.
I'll call me me,
And you, you.
So Cutie Miss You,
hear what i have to say.

I'm losing it,
But I want it.
Been around you,
Seen you laugh,
Smile, (love that one!)
And frown. (still beautiful!)
But it's so far away,
Though you are so near everyday.
I share in the oceans,
Of your emotions
Deeply than you ever know.
I cry, laugh, smile, and frown with your flow.

Pretty Miss You.

It's been a while,
But I'm scared.
A part of me says yes,
Another doesn't.
So I'ma breath in and let you know...

Miss You,

I love you!
And I don't care whatever happens!

Hope we still remains friends though!
(Oops, Think I just threw the last of what we had outta the window)

Aight guys, this is how far my breath can carry me, I know some of you may be wondering whether it's true. Well, could be, couldn't be, whatcha think?

Friday, May 22, 2009

dats me!

ImageChef Word Mosaic -

u can try these stuff out yourself! but digg mine first. what do u think?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ecominy, and the president said!

Quite characteristic about the new president Atta Mills is his ability to create ringtones. I know JAK couldn't do that. But hey, someone is saying his ringtone hasn't got SWAG (hope my hip hop English is right!). I feel the rythnm in the ecominy and the ofumtuo rhymes, and i think it's just fine, but a lecturere says it's not ...
Papa lecturer, you know book, keep. But me and my readers, we'll be singing ecominy ecominy ecominy, ecominy ofumtuo ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
anaa wo se s3n?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some time with dad

A busy man went home late one night to meet his son sitting at the base of the stairs. He wondered why his boy was sitting there alone. "Hey sonny," the man started, "what are you doing here?" "Dad, let me ask you a question, how much do you make in a day?" Surprised by the boy's question, the father asked "why do you ask?" The boy did not answer, "how much do you make in an hour?" he asked again. "I make about Gh¢50, are you okay now?" "Please give me Gh¢25" "For what!" Replied the father angrily. "What do you need Gh¢25 for? Come on, off to bed!" The little boy got up and slowly walked with his head bowed to his room, leaving his father wondering. After a while, he decided to give it to him anyway, and maybe he really needed it.(after all, he could afford it.) He made his way to his son's room, and opened the door. "Are you asleep?" he asked into the darkness. "No." "Here son, maybe I was too harsh a little earlier on, here's the money, but tell me what you are going to use it for." The boy sat up, took the money from his dad, lifted his pillow, and brought out a number of crumpled Gh¢1 notes. Then he added the money and said, "dad, If I offer you Gh¢30, will you spend one hour with me tommorrow?"


How much time do we spend with people who are close to us? Are we so close to our businesses and schools that we cant even spend time together? Spread the love. The world will be a better place if we all we caring about one another. Remember Jesus who said, "whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you are doing to me." The choice is yours.