Friday, March 27, 2009

Here and There...

I don't really fancy commenting on such issues but they contribute to bringing up the society, so I'll say, after all, who will if I don't?

Porn On The Pavement
One of the things that confuse me is how porn cds and mags are now displayed freely on our pavements. Don't believe me? Let me tell you. I've been using the overhead bridge at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle almost every day. The hawkers have taken over every piece of the walkway, leaving just a little space for passers by. I mean, they are not even supposed to be there! I know there's a mall just a few metres away for them, but they have refused to go there, and authorities care less. Anyway, that's not the point. What you would normally find the guys who sell the DVD's displaying is porn, yes, hard core porn DVD's with pictures on the covers. I mean, I know a lot of people love porn, yes but this is not where it's supposed to be sold. I even don't agree with the idea of porn at all. (but that's my personal opinion, hey?) And everybody gets to see it, even the "minors" who are normally kids who happen to use that place. I dont know what, but I think the authorities should something about it.

Soldier Bar Still In Operation
I have heard of so many operations by the police to stop the nocturnal activities of Soldier Bar. If you don't know that place, I'll show you. Soldier Bar is a place that looks so normal in the afternoon, but immediately it's night, it becomes a red light district. Still located around some corner at the same Kwame Nkrumah Circle, this place is an ordinary lorry station. Nothing looks strange in the afternoon but I tell you, things are going on. Let me tell you how I know.
We finished production rehearsals late one day, and we had a lift to Circle. One of my friends said he wanted to show us something, so he led us through a path I definitely knew, because I normally use that path in the daytime, I've never been there at night. It was a sorry sight! What I saw made me ask why all these were going on. Small girls, big women, teens, almost everyone, was in one revealing clothing or another, and the was music booming from surrounding bars. Almost all of them had a cigarette stick in her hand, and the place was just crazy. I passed through and I wondered whyt they had to do that.
But hey, I have heard and read, and seen on the TV several times the security forces busting this place. So my question is WHY IS IT STILL IN OPERATION IF IT IS AGAINST THE LAW? It's not like they don't know about it's existence, they do, but it beats my imagination why they go there, arrest them, and later let them run away. (I suspect something fishy!) It's sad, just sad. And I hear there are other places where these things are rampant. Please do something about it, anyone reading this who can.

Please write and let me know about your experiences, ort what you think. All contributions are welcome. Ghana is ours, where we will be depends on what we do now. Let's do something, NOW!
Tswa, Omanye aba!


  1. Cool piece. Revealing of a sight I used to see many years ago, but now, I do not use that route. See, you're a social engineer!

  2. interesting huh!
    for me, i don't mind what anyone wants to do with the eyes (porn or not) and i don't mind too much what anyone (adults) choose to do with their genitalia (prostitution or not)!

    i know the place you talk about and i'm more concerned about the health implications of the unhygienic nature of the place, the stench in which all the human beings find space and breathe shit! and the smoke they smoke too! those are my concerns!

    as for the porn, apart from the fact that they take over the streets where they are not supposed to be, i don't have a problem! cos i see porn around me everyday! even in the church when the pastor declares "you may kiss the bride" and man and woman obey like following instructions from a pimp!


  3. @ NY, he he thx for calling me a social engineer, those sort of revelations make you worry whats happening to the future leaders.
    @ novisi, you know, it's quite sad. we may not care cos we may be rated as adults, but what about the 10yr old kid that passes by the place to and from school, let's help reduce such stuff "for your eyes only"