Friday, February 6, 2009

The Untold Story

They ask,
Always they ask,
What have we got?
Have we got a legacy?
A history?

Reminiscing the days of our leaders
Obunumankoma, Oson and Odapagyan
Leaders so great
Who had typical African blood
Fought for their people, And had their names earn places
In vigorous war chants

Golden names of crowned heroes!

Going back to the days
When the albino was obeyed
With fear and trembling,
When no man, had balls, to say "f i"
She stood out tall, and fought
Showing the "mighty warriors"
That courage is not only embedded on a man's heart.
Nana Yaa Asantewaa,
Brace mother of Black Africa.
Your name is in Gold
Distinguished daughter of Africa,

We fall,
We rise,
We fall,
We rise, and rise again

King Taki Tawiah, Nana Osei Tutu, Ayi Kushi
Proud holders of enchanted memories
In Red,
And Green.
Have we a story?
Sure! We do!
let them ask,
But I know,
The holders of African history,
Have willpower too strong,
To rest on their oars.
So arise, arise, arise!
Authors of history call upon you,
To rise up and take hold Of your renaissance.
For it is only your children,
Who can change you.
Sleeping Mama,
Wake up.

When they ask,
I'll say "Modin ji mi."
and I'm proud to be African!


  1. tsooo boi!

    that's a powerful call there!

    modin ji mi hu!

    true man!

  2. Gee whiz!
    A historical, inspirational and morally relevant ode!
    I salute your genius; the obviousness of your prowess is noteworthy in the style you sync up the present with the past.
    Keep the juices flowing.

  3. @ novisi. thx anyemi, tis so good to be receive backing from readers. i really appreciate that.
    @ posekyere. thx to you also. that's quite strengthening and refreshing to hear. check back for more juices. lol.

  4. i like this. there is so much energy in there. keep blogging, pal