Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Voices Along The Pathway

The sun beats down
On the African plains
And slowly, but steadily,
I make my way on the dusty path
To the base of the *Wala mountain
To strive to the top
(The very top I mean!)
And there they stand
By the pathways they scream and loudly whisper
"That's Impossible, *Onyeee Ofee, *Wontumi Nye"
Voices of confusion,
And Evil.
Throwing dust into my eyes,
Throwing sand, at me.

The journey is long
My feet are sore,
My throat is parched
And for a drink I long.
It's mid-journey
The end is not in sight
But I can't stop now,
So I push on.
But they are there too!
Screaming and loudly whispering
* San wakyi, *Kuu Osee
And they throw stones at me,
They hurl stones, at me.

I hit a wall
My strength is drained
But an inner voice pushes me on!
Almost at the top,
The sides are steep
My palms are sore
From clinging on to ledges
And preventing myself from falling
Into the dark abyss below
The end is in sight (It's far, though)
I can do this!
But alas!
Ever present voices of discouragement
Fling rocks at me,
They hurl rocks at me.

Finally, I stand
At the very peak of the Wala mount
Tired, but smiling
Weak, but fulfilled.
With renewed strength,
I stand out tall,
I look down at the pathway.
And I see how far I've come.
I still see them,
The nemesis of success,
But hey, I can't be bothered!
Cos they are down on their knees,
Bowing down, at me!

Tswa. Omanye Aba!

(*Translations: Wala means "life" in ga.
Wontumi Nye and Onyeee Ofee are twi and ga phrases for "You can't make/do it"
San Wakyi and Kuu Osee are twi and ga phrases for "Go Back")

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