Friday, February 20, 2009

Will you still love me...

Will you still love me,
If I told you...

I may stop whispering your favorite " I love you?" (Though I really do!)
I may stop complimenting your hair, beauty, clothes, and hair-do?
I may leave early for work, come home late, and admit it was business? (and traffic?)
I may work late hours and wake you up just for sex?
I may not speak when troubled and just shut up?
I may be boyish sometimes? (I'm a grown boy, really!)
I may have a character I find difficult to quit,
and I may not want to hear you tell me how to stop it?
I am just being a man?

Will you take me for who I am?
Or what you wish me to be?


  1. Gosh why do men have to be like that why?

  2. Beautiful piece. Really spoke to me, because I have always wondered how any woman I've been involved with would answer the very same questions.

  3. @parentsplayground; u see thats how we are. but u can live with it if u know this before going out with him.
    @ Nana Yaw; see it;s not sooo bad. I'm gathering stuff about the women. to write the part 2. send me some if u know.