Friday, June 5, 2009

Simply Annoying

I go to The University of Ghana, Legon, to give something to someone. There happens to be a graduation ceremony on that day, and I'm to deliver the item to the person at the graduation grounds. After going through all the hectic time getting there.I start calling the person, all to no avail. Then I get to know that the event is at the great hall. I pick a taxi there. Immediately I got there and get out of the taxi, I see a lady who walks up tome, thinking she wants to sit in the taxi, I hold the door open for her. But no, she brings out some curled ribbon cellotaped to a safety pin, pins it to my shirt and says harshly, give a donation. Can you imagine? Is that how to ask for money? Nearly marred my already disturbed morning. Any experiences?

1 comment:

  1. hahahahaa!
    a few experiences! @outdoorings, anniverseries, and all sorts of pocket-celebrations!

    then there are thoset associations that drop you evelopes or cards to write down your name!

    some can be annoying indeed! and for the fact that this one spoke harshly i would have told her to remove the ribbon and make sure she repairs or pay for the damage done to my shirt (lol).