Monday, July 13, 2009

Maybe not one for me

Bought her flowers,
Promised her fun to the highest!
All around her, I'd flank,
Was to her, I was a gentleman!

I Opened all the doors,
I Made all the calls.
And when she spilled it,
I cleaned all the floors.

But she didn't notice,
Or maybe she did.
But to her,
I was good,
But not boyfriend material.

Cos I gave her a shoulder to cry on,
Not a reason to cry.
We shared crazy experiences,
I gave her something to laugh about.
Should I have told her,
That I loved her that soon?
I thought I had to be a friend first.
But a friend got there first.

Hey I did try,
But it was possible,
Very possible
That she may not be the one for me!

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