Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rhythm of the heart

(heart beat)

I pound,
You pound,
We pound.
The single joy and happiness,
The only thing we've found.
Slowly and steadily,
And silently it sounds.
The evidence of pounding
Is as silenced as it sounds.

I pound,
You pound,
To a rhythm
We have found,
And love resides abundantly
To wipe out every frown.
The joy we share can only crown,
The distance we have come,
My heart says one, your heart says two
They pound.

I pound,
And find,
Your pound,
So refined.
A heart so pure,
And love I'm sure,
My sickness it can cure.
It does resound,
On beauty grounds,
To fairness it is bound.
So when you miss me,(so profound!)
Listen to your heart pound!

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