Friday, November 13, 2009

Expressing Myself...

I am writing in the sea sand today,
Things I may not easily say.
I am gathering the courage to jot,
What, in cowardice, my craving mind did court.
Because the sea will wash away,
Anything I empty into the sands today,
And saying I Love You this way,
Will be stored gently in the waves.

I am screaming into the wind today,
To carry away what I say,
It's not really about being gay,
It's the safest of releasing my pain.
For confusion rocks my brain,
And loneliness eats from my plate.
And the wind may carry away,
My lamentations cried in this way.

I am writing on a rock today today,
Things which I am unafraid to say,
To shout that your grace and your name,
Has kept me safe in this time and place.
For I am nothing but an abandoned case,
Caught up in this worldly craze,
But your love did lift my spirits high,
And upon your wings do I soar and fly.

-Nii Saki-

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