Monday, February 1, 2010

Osee, Osee, Black Star eee, forward ever!

This may not be the best way to start blogging in 2010, but it's a way! Happy New Year to y'all Omanye followers, and may this year be as nice as God plans it to be.

Well it was an eventful 2009, with all it's ups and downs, smiles and frowns. But hey, it's 2010 and we have another opportunity to make it rain. lol!

2010 started for me with a challenge but God dey, so I'm smiling. whats up with y'all.

I know it's quite a lazy way to start blogging but trust me, there are a million and one things boiling in me and when I really start blooging, hmmm...

And oh, congrats to the Black Stars, they have done very well by getting to he finals of the just ended CAN 2010. No one gave this team "B" a dog's chance. But still think the coach must be sacked. That's me, and i have my reasons. The boys are good yes, but it was evident that we were lacking in some areas

Anyways Happy Yew Year, and happy reading.
tswa, omanye aba!

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