Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here and There...

Sawasawasawale, Sawasawasawale, pam pam pam!

My mom, will kill me for even attempting to hum this song, she hates it, passionately.
It's recently that I've even found the song interesting, I don't like the lyrics though. I love the rhythm. Anyway, I didn't start this post to write about a song people love to hate. No, it's to speak about the rising number of hot-spots, in Accra. Don't know what a hot-spot is? Keep reading.
Some time ago, the ever popular soldier bar, known to be a notorious red light district was broken down, to the happiness of some people, and the displeasure of others. I was quite happy, thinking it meant the beginning of the end of such indescribable activities on our streets, at least, it will be reduced by a huge margin, or so I thought.


They have relocated, they are now everywhere! Around the park by OBRA spot, in front of Vienna city, and all around that place. And their new location, LAPAZ. yes, Lapaz. I don't know if you are shocked, but I am. I had already heard they had taken their activities there, but I didn't believe it could get there. So I decided to check it out myself.(you know my kokonsa self).
It was around 9pm when I got there, and I stood by a pub around that place, just looking around to see what I could find. It was serious, the place is slowly turning into a red light district. After standing for sometime, I could tell which one of them was and which one of them was not. Hope you get the picture?
I walked to a spot where I could get a vehicle home, and an aged woman asked me to stop, politely. Unsuspectingly, I did stop. She came close and said "y3nko line 3?" (tr: let's go for a line). I smiled mildly and politely refused. continuing my search for a vehicle, I spotted quite a number of them loitering around, some old enough to be my aunt, no kidding. I kept wondering what drives them to do something like this.

My dad taught me never to judge, the bible teaches so too. Because you never know the motive, which GOD judges. So let me throw this to my readers, let's explore the reasons why people sell their bodies for sex. Is it greed, poverty, agbala, sakawa, I don't know. What do you think?

Tswa, Omanye aba!

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